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Yay, Furries!

Choose your future. Choose furry. Yay, furries!

Choose Furry. Choose a fursuit. Choose valuable perspective. Choose to set a good example. Choose to support what you like. Choose to be proud of who you are. Choose to do something constructive. Choose supersponsorship at a furry con. Choose running over usenet trolls with highway pavers. Choose to surround yourself with Things That Don't Suck. Choose cars with HONK IF YOU'RE FURRY bumper stickers and wearing a tail in public. Choose a good fan name, choose drawing whatever you want, choose the Funday Pawpet Show. Choose scritching in a furpile, meeting kindred spirits, and wishing the weekend wouldn't end.

Choose your future. Choose Furry.

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Furries Online provides helpful information about Furry fandom. Furry fandom is about anthropomorphic animal characters, and includes artwork, drawing, costuming, and more. Starting as an offshoot of science fiction during the 1980s, Furry fandom has grown and thrived, with fans all over the world.


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